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Distributed Control System

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The PlantPAx??system helps producers make better, faster process control decisions. This system enables you to respond more quickly to the demands of your customers and fast-changing specifications. The latest system release has been designed to be an integral part of your digital transformation strategy that helps you be more productive and profitable while reducing operational risk.

Rethink what a modern distributed control system (DCS) can do for you.

PlantPAx 5.0

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Our Latest DCS Version

Producers like you are adept at navigating the complexities and challenges of staying competitive. This is true in a variety of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, and food and beverage to mining and chemical. That’s why it’s so important to implement the latest technological advancements to continue your ever-evolving digital transformation journey.

From?the control room to the board room, process system users face the persistent challenges of balancing productivity against budget and resource constraints as well as proactively addressing evolving operational risks. Meet these challenges and experience real productivity gains in all areas of your plant with the PlantPAx distributed control system (DCS).

System features positively?impact the lifecycle of your plant operations by ensuring that plant-wide and scalable systems drive productivity,?improve profitability, and reduce overall risks for operations.

The latest system release introduces:

Reduced Footprint: New process controllers extend the Logix family capabilities with cutting-edge processing power and capacity to reduce the complexity of PlantPAx architectures. This footprint reduction also reduces total cost of ownership of the system throughout the lifecycle.

Drives Consistency: With native process instructions embedded in the controllers, project teams can adopt approaches to control strategies that drive consistency for individual projects or multi-site deployments.

Streamlined Workflows: Development teams will realize savings in the configuration of instrumentations, alarms, and diagnostic system elements. Operators will have the extended ability to view underlying control logic in a safe and secured manner.

TUV-Certified for Cybersecurity: To help mitigate risk, PlantPAx 5.0 system architectures are TUV certified to the international standard ISA-99/IEC 62443-3-3 which provides guidance on the implementation of an electronically secured system.

Analytics Enabled: The PlantPAx 5.0 release has purpose-built frameworks that easily connect live and historical data from the DCS into reporting and analytical tools. This allows extended experiences, such as Augmented Reality, and easy integration with scalable analytics packages.

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New PlantPAx 5.0 Technical Features Videos

Watch Demos for a Deeper Look into Technical Features

The newest release of PlantPAx offers more valuable technical features than ever before. These demo videos will walk operators and engineers through specific features of the latest version of the modern DCS.

Each video provides an in-depth explanation of the exciting new features of PlantPAx 5.0, illustrating how this release can help drive productivity and profitability while reducing operational risk.

The featured demo video highlights the library of process objects native to the new process controller in PlantPAx 5.0. Other technical features playlist videos focus on:

  • Embedded alarms
  • Ownership and arbitration
  • SAMA diagrams
  • Instruction usage
  • HiHART
  • And more
Select the playlist tile to view all of them.
Process Solutions User Group

This annual industry-leading event addresses the production challenges you face every day. You can depend on our thought-provoking keynotes, insightful tech sessions, and hands-on labs to help you learn about the latest process automation technologies.

PlantPAx: The Modern DCS

Rethink What to Expect from a Distributed Control System

All of your automation operations can be integrated into a Connected Enterprise with the PlantPAx system being a key component. This technology will help to drive productivity, increase efficiencies and reduce costs in your organization.

PlantPAx, the modern DCS, provides a single, plant-wide control system and increased flexibility to enable better business decisions.

Plant-wide Control and Optimization: The PlantPAx system uses a common automation platform for seamless integration between critical areas of your plant. This modern DCS connects process, discrete, power, information, and safety control into one plant-wide infrastructure. Benefits include common platforms, seamless information flow, ease of management, and lower total cost of ownership. See Our High Performance Architectures

Scalable and Modular Architecture: A wide range of architecture options for increased flexibility are provided with the PlantPAx system. The same platform can be used for single stations or large distributed architectures. This means easy integration without replicating data, faster time to market, and scalable system capabilities such as HMI, batch management and data collection. Explore Design and Implementation Solutions

Open, Information-enabled, and Secure: The PlantPAx modern DCS is based on open communication standards leveraging EtherNet/IP as its backbone. As a result, real-time information is readily available throughout the enterprise for better business decisions. Make better business decisions by leveraging virtualization and mobility, enabling IT/OT convergence with COTS hardware, energy reduction of up to 10% and a systematic approach to defense-in-depth. Secure Your Information

Flexible Delivery and Support Network: You are able to select the optimal implementation and support team based on your needs with the PlantPAx DCS. We can deliver the system and other world-class solutions or your local process system integrator with whom you have established a working relationship can provide your support.

Lifecycle Services

Support for Your Operations Lifecycle

From the plant floor to the top floor, organizations need a global partnership that understands their industry to achieve a lifecycle strategy. Rockwell Automation delivers ingenuity by combining domain expertise and technology. We partner at every stage of your lifecycle to expand what is possible for your business so you can expand what is possible for your customers.

The PlantPAx DCS excels by impacting the overall effort to integrate the process control layer to the enterprise.? This reduces the lifecycle cost of the system and lowers operational risks in operations. PlantPAx can provide impact throughout each phase of the lifecycle.

  1. Design: With faster engineering and standardization, teams can offload non value-add tasks that consume the design stage and instead place focus on providing a differentiated higher level of value to the client.
  2. Build: Faster commissioning and better skid integration minimize disruptions to the critical path of the project timeline. Technology features in the DCS must enable global teams to quickly troubleshoot issues in commissioning phases and remain flexible to adopt late-binding changes. Skid integration capabilities and simulation tools to run effective acceptance tests help compress project timelines.
  3. Sustain: Easier to maintain, operate and modernize by reducing the total cost of ownership with a smaller footprint and simplified modernization path.
  4. Improve: Drive improvement into the enterprise with the ability to expand and enhance with diagnostic capabilities, open access, and analytics and optimization tools.

DCS Migrations

Address the Risks of a Legacy DCS

Your DCS is the “brain of your process”— reaching out into your plant to monitor and control the multitude of devices which enable you to produce quality products on time, every time. As your equipment ages, it is inevitable that questions about part sourcing, service, potential productivity losses from old technology, and increased risks of downtime become more likely.? Learn how Rockwell Automation can help you modernize your control system with PlantPAx DCS.

Batch Control and FactoryTalk BatchPart of PlantPAx DCS Since the Beginning

Today’s dynamic manufacturing climate presents multiple challenges: control costs, mitigate risks, and seize every opportunity to gain a competitive edge. For many companies, this means production areas must drive out inefficiencies that are holding them back with bold approaches. This requires informed decision making, data-driven exposure of inefficiencies, and a tremendous amount of collaboration. Indeed, organizations that embrace today’s rapidly advancing technologies stand to uncover new competitive advantages.

FactoryTalk? Batch provides efficient, consistent predictable batch processing that supports the reuse of code, recipes, phases, and logic. FactoryTalk Batch combines the ISA-88 standard with proven technology that provides the flexibility ranging from enterprise-wide architectures to complex single-unit applications. It also allows you to apply one control and information system across your process to improve capacity and product quality, save energy and raw materials, and reduce process variations and human intervention.


  • Optimize supply chain
  • Save commissioning time
  • Reinforce consistency
  • Room to grow

Design and Implementation Tools

Tools to Help You Configure and Apply Our Products

PlantPAx DCS leverages advancements in our design and configuration platforms. The PlantPAx System Estimator (PSE) allows you to quickly build and validate your architecture based on your requirements. The PSE wizard is part of Integrated Architecture? Builder (IAB).

Download the PlantPAx System Estimator Explore Our System Configuration Tools
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