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Office of the Ombuds

Report An Ethics or Compliance Related Concern

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Answers to legal or ethical issues are not always clear cut. As a Rockwell Automation employee or person who works for or on behalf of the Company, you are not expected to know all the answers. You are expected to ask questions when you are in doubt. If you have a question or want to report a specific concern that is related to ethics or compliance, contact the Office of the Ombuds.

How to Contact Our?Office of the Ombuds

There are a few options for you to select from if you have a question or need to report a specific concern that is related to ethics or compliance.

Email Address


Mailing Address

Rockwell Automation Office of the Ombuds
1201 South Second Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204-2410

Country Toll-Free Phone Numbers

Countries with an (*) will need to dial their country specific access code listed below, and then dial (844) 473-0162 when prompted.

Australia: 1-800-431-011
*Belgium: 0-800-100-10
Brazil: 0800-892-0455
Canada: 1-800-552-3589
China: 4006612279
*Denmark: 800-100-10
France: 0800-91-1105
*Germany: 0-800-225-5288
Hong Kong: 800-96-1591
*Hungary: 06-800-011-11

*India: 000-117
Italy: 800-790861
Japan: 120922603
Malaysia: 1-800-88-5682
Mexico: 001-844-737-2814
Netherlands: 0800-029-2042
*New Zealand: 000-911
Philippines: (line 1) 1010-5511-00
Philippines: (line 2) 105-11

Poland: 00-800-151-0322
Singapore: 800-110-2395
South Africa: 0800-660-010
Korea, Republic of South: 00798-1-1-003-9036
*Switzerland: 0-800-890011
*Taiwan: 00-801-102-880
United Kingdom: 0808-234-0709
United States: 1-800-552-3589

Report A Concern

Report your concern related to ethics or compliance or ask for advice securely and confidentially.