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Product Lifecycle Status

Identify the Lifecycle Stage of a Product

Product Lifecycle Status

We know it’s critical for you to maximize your investment in your automation system, and we support that with a track record of long product lifecycles relative to our competition. But the Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Manufacturing are changing the way you do business and driving you to evolve. We help you meet this demand to innovate, including clearly identifying a product's current lifecycle stage, making it easier for you to proactively plan and manage the transition to more modern technologies.

Use the search tool above to identify the most contemporary Rockwell Automation products, bringing you advancements in performance, flexibility, and security that enable you to achieve a Connected Enterprise and a competitive edge.

For the most up-to-date lifecycle status on products you are interested in, enter the catalog number on the Search line above:

  • You must enter at least 3 digits of the catalog number and an optional wildcard string to retrieve data.
  • You can enter a partial catalog number to get lifecycle data on a family of products (e.g., enter "1771" to retrieve status information on all 1771 I/O products).

Lifecycle Status Definitions

Active: Most current offering within a product category.

Active Mature: Product is fully supported, but a newer product or family exists. Gain value by migrating.

End Of Life: Discontinued date announced - actively execute migrations and last time buys. Product generally orderable until the discontinued date.1

Discontinued: New product no longer manufactured or procured.2 Repair/exchange services may be available.

1 Outages on specific items may occur prior to the Discontinued date.
2 Limited stock may be available in run-out mode, regionally.

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