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Increase Venue Safety, Reliability and Profitability

Modernize Your Rides

Maximize Safety and Profitability with the Latest Technologies

Roller coasters. Theme parks. Theater shows. While the entertainment industry is broad, your automation challenges are same: increase safety, reliability, and profitability.

Whether you protect an investment in exotic creatures, provide secure chairlift transportation for a ski resort, or need a control system for a roller coaster racing at top speed, our components and systems meet your automation challenges. From system design through implementation and commissioning, we provide the skills and experience for your project requirements that include:

  • Superior support from integrated engineering to asset management
  • Global parts availability
  • Migration solutions to the latest technology to protect your investment long-term

You need the confidence of working with a company that has over a century of experience and reputation for consistent reliability. We have the products, services, and world-wide support to deliver comprehensive ride automation solutions.

Capabilities for Reliable Operation

Industrial Automation and Control

We deliver industrial automation and control through our control systems, motor control, and smart devices portfolio.

Safety Solutions

As the global leader in automation and safety services and technologies, we will help you develop a safer, more productive solution.

Motion Control

Our portfolio includes various industrial motion products, software, and modular track systems.

Industrial Asset Management

We assess your needs and recommend the right combination of plant maintenance services that can help you improve asset reliability.

Modernization and Migration

From custom turnkey solutions to providing you with the tools to do it yourself, we will help you get the highest possible return on your automation investment.

Industrial Security

We offer industrial security and solutions to help securely connect your automation products across your plant and throughout your enterprise.

Industrial Networks

For plants to become information driven, they need a strong foundation consisting of one industrial network architecture.

Industrial Control Products

Our Allen-Bradley industrial control products deliver proven and predictable performance over the full life of the product.

Design and Operations Software

The premier integration of our software with our world-class automation and control systems delivers a seamless process from implementation to analytics.

We are a world leader in machine safety applications.

Industry Expertise

Improve Safety Design Productivity

We are an established leader within the entertainment industry that delivers comprehensive automation solutions and services.

Ready to talk to a Rockwell Automation consultant?

We offer industry expertise to help design, implement and support your automation investment.

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